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Meintel, Sgrignoli, and Wallace (MSW) is putting numbers to potential scenarios that can affect public radio FMs co-located with TV stations expected to be impacted by the channel repack following the incentive auction. The Public Radio Satellite System published a report commissioned by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on the repack so public radio stations can see what they’re likely to encounter and plan ahead.

MSW says that 152 CPB-eligible radio stations are within 250 meters of a full-power or Class A television station that may be repacked. Of those, 95 CPB-eligible radio stations are on the same tower as a Class A television station. See Appendix A for a list.

Thirty-four of the 95 are co-located on a tower with a station that is currently operating on channels 38-51, which is the FCC clearing spectrum. “These stations will most certainly be impacted as these TV stations will either be repacked or go off the air as a “winner” in the FCC Incentive Auction,” say Dennis Wallace and William Meintel in the report. See Appendix B for a list.   

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