Nevada Observations Radio

  • Sep 18, 2014
    What does hunger look like
    What does hunger look like? This week Observations host Bob Fisher talks with Brian Burton, President and CEO of Three Square who presents some startling facts. Brian discussed the mission of Three Square to help feed the homeless, unemployed and children of Southern Nevada. He stated that some 315,000 people in Southern Nevada go to bed hungry every day. Making sure that these adults and children are fed is a monumental task that has to be addressed every day. What does hunger look like, listen and find out this week on Observations.

  • Sep 12, 2014
    Assistance League of Las Vegas
    Operation School Bell helps students in communities throughout Nevada and across the nation. This edition of Observations with host Bob Fisher takes a look at the Assistance League of Las Vegas through the eyes of Carroll Mueller, former President of the Assistance League. This AL is a member of the National Assistance League and it\'s an all volunteer organization. No one in this organization is paid and they help underprivileged students with clothes and back to school needs. This is an outstanding organization both in Southern Nevada, Rural Nevada and Northern Nevada.

  • Sep 05, 2014
    Parents Educating Parents - P.E.P.
    Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying presented by Nevada P.E.P. This week on Observations, host Bob Fisher welcomes Stephanie Vrsnik-Community Development Director for P.E.P. and Diane Lombardo-Community Education Specialist for P.E.P. These guests discussed the P.E.P. program and the assistance that is provided to parents who have children with Autism and other medical problems. They talked about the upcoming Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying on September 27th, 2014. Taking steps to stop bullying. This is an informative program to provide education and a helping hand to parents.

  • Aug 29, 2014
    An indepth look at Rotary
    This week on Observations, Host Bob Fisher and in-studio guest Debbie Harris of and a Las Vegas Rotarian explore the topic of What is Rotary and answer the question Is it a secret organization that only select individuals can join. Debbie also explains in depth the mission of the Rotary Club and its purpose, to help people meet new friends and to network with each other. Rotary is an organization always looking for new members and to help people just arriving in Las Vegas to meet new friends. Dont miss this in-depth look at Rotary through the eyes of Debbie Harris.

  • Aug 22, 2014
    A Conversation with George Beasley
    This week on Observations, host Bob Fisher talks with George Beasley-Founder of the Beasley Broadcast Group. Mr. Beasley talked about the early years and how radio has changed and the impact it has had on the American public. He discussed the chain of Beasley Radio Stations throughout the country and how important it is to maintain a dialogue with employees and clients alike. Mr. Beasley also talked about his family, his life and what inspired him to create such a radio empire that is so admired by not only peers but the radio listening audiences around the country.

  • Aug 15, 2014
    Film Critic - Jeff Howard
    Summer is the season for blockbuster movies, and who better to tell us what to see than film critic Jeff Howard. Host Bob Fisher discusses film entertainment with Jeff on this edition of Observations. Bob and Jeff talk about new movies hitting the big screen in the coming weeks, potential Oscar nominations and the best and worst films of the summer. What should you spend your money on and what movies can wait until they come out on the cable channels? Find out on this episode of Observations. It is an interesting combination of the good and the bad. Its the opinions of film critic Jeff Howard... worth listening to.

  • Aug 08, 2014
    Israel and the Middle East Uncovered
    On this installment of Observations, host Bob Fisher welcomes Elliot Karp, President and Ceo of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, Marla Letizia-Letizia Public Relations and Rabbi Yocheved Mintz. The discussion on this program centered around the conflict in the Mideast between Israel and Hamas. How can this disagreement solved and prevented in the future? Who is responsible for this conflict and can they be brought to justice? Its a look at Israel, the Mideast and conflict.

  • Aug 01, 2014
    A Visit with Alan Stock
    He is a radio talk show host known throughout the country. On this installment of Observations, host Bob Fisher visits with Alan Stock. Alan talks about his career as a talk show host and the competition he faces everyday. He just recently returned from Israel and shared some of his experiences while Israel was under attack from Hamas. He discussed some of the guests he has had on his program from powerful politicians to notable entertainers. It is an interesting and informative program from a talk show host who knows is stuff.