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Nationwide EAS Test

The FCC and FEMA will once again conduct a nation-wide test of the Emergency Alert System. The National Test (NPT) will be sent on September 20, 2018 at 2:18PM EDT, 11:18 AM PDT. As in years past, stations are required to register for this test. You have until August 27th to File ETRS Form One for this year’s National EAS Test.

This year, Form One should repopulate with the same information you supplied last year, which means, unless you’ve had a lot of changes, or are filing for a new station, it should be easier to file Form One this year than it was last year. The information from Form One will again repopulate Forms Two and Three. You will have until midnight, local time, on September 20,2018, to file Form Two.

Here is a link to the ETRS page on the FCC website:

Please note that the National EAS Test will replace the Nevada Operational Area September EAS Required Monthly Test, originally scheduled for September 26th, 2018. Please make sure your Traffic/Program Department has this information and updates the schedules to include the NPT on September 20 and cancels the RMT scheduled for September 26th.