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Below are several different newsfeeds that may be of interest to broadcasters and those affiliated with the broadcasting industry.

  • Congratulations to Hubbard’s WTMX Chicago August 18, 2017
    Over $1 Million raised by the station for the "Eric & Kathy" annual fundraiser for the Ann and Robert Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. It was the 18th year the station has held the event to benefit the hospital. Pictured here is the entire staff of the radio station and the check for over $1 […]
  • BMI Battles The DOJ August 18, 2017
    Here's something you most certainly want to keep an eye on. Back in September of 2016, federal Judge Louis Stanton issued an order rejecting the D.O.J.'s interpretation of the BMI consent decree, allowing BMI to continue its longstanding practice of fractional licensing. The DOJ appealed that decision, and now BMI filed its brief in response […]
  • Neuhoff Hires a New Market Manager in Indiana August 18, 2017
    Chris Fleming has been named Market Manager for Neuhoff Media’s Lafayette Indiana cluster. CEO Beth Neuhoff said, “The addition of Chris Fleming to our team is truly a turning point for our company. His 25 years of visionary market and revenue management will make a powerful impact on both our organization and the Lafayette community.”
  • Who Are Radio’s Best Managers? YOU HAVE ONE WEEK LEFT August 18, 2017
    Are you working for one of radio's greatest managers? Make your nomination now for Radio Ink's 2017 Best Managers in Radio list. Nominees must be current General Managers, Market Managers, or Regional Vice Presidents. Your deadline to nominate is Friday, August 25. Make your nomination HERE.
  • Free Webinar: Air-checking for the 21st Century August 18, 2017
    We all know that air checks are a standard yet critical tool in the radio industry. Whether it be for campaign verification or programming evaluation, the air check process has not changed very much in the last 50 years - it is still fairly laborious and time consuming. While emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology […]
  • AirKast to Offer Free Alexa Skills to Clients August 18, 2017
    AirKast announced Thursday night that it has developed and will be providing free Alexa skills for all its customers -- including over 800 North American radio stations, syndicated radio hosts and podcasters.
  • Meet One of Radio’s Best Managers August 18, 2017
    Caren Berry is the Market President for Townsquare in SE Minnesota. How she got into radio is quite unique. She was working as a marketing director for a local newspaper in Salinas, CA. and had an appointment with the station owner Don McCoy of Magic Broadcasting. She was pitching the market's top-rated station a paid […]
  • KLOS and WNOR Make Big Moves in Our Poll August 18, 2017
    WNOR Norfolk and KLOS Los Angeles had a big day Thursday. Here's how the standings look on Friday (our next update will be Monday). Voting ends September 1 at 5PM.
  • Chicago Radio Does it Again August 18, 2017
    It's quite surprising more markets are not copying what radio is doing in Chicago. If this kind of approach to promote the power of radio, and drive results for advertisers, is succeeding in the 3rd-largest market in America, you would think the same approach would work in many other markets.
  • Kathy Hart Tells Feder: “I’ll Be back.” August 18, 2017
    The mystery about Hall of Fame host Kathy Hart was in the news again Thursday. Hart is co-host of the Eric & Kathy morning show on Hubbard's WTMX in Chicago and she's been off the air since April. Hart's contract is up in December and she's been negotiating with the station to bring the matter […]

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