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SBE Award Nominations are due by June 15!

The deadline for submitting nominations for SBE awards is rapidly approaching.  June 15 is the last day on which chapters can submit nominations for the various SBE awards!

Every chapter has at least one member that has done an outstanding job in some aspect of our field.  This person may be an educator or mentor.  He or she may be an excellent engineer.  Perhaps there is another member that has performed extraordinary service to the United States.

The individual awards are:

The James C. Wulliman SBE Educator of the Year:  Recognizes the SBE member who is dedicated to the education of broadcast engineering.

SBE Technology Award:  Recognizes the SBE Sustaining member who has provided the industry with the best new or innovative technical item.

SBE Freedom Award:  Recognizes an individual or group who has performed extraordinary service to the United States through the use of media technology

Facility Innovation of the Year:  Recognizes an SBE member who has incorporated an innovative idea through technology and or new media that results in improved facility or operation management.

Best Technical Article, Book or Program by an SBE Member and Best Article, Paper or Program by a Student Member:  Recognizes the author of the best technical article, book or paper in it contribution towards the increase of scientific, operational, artistic, or technical knowledge in the broadcast engineering industry or program present at a local chapter meeting, national/regional convention or broadcast engineer- related class.

The chapter awards are:

The Chapter Engineer of the Year.  Recognizes the efforts of a specific individual who best furthers the goals and objectives of their SBE Chapter and provides an outstanding example of local/regional leadership and ethics.  From this list of Chapter Engineers of the Year submitted to the national office of the SBE,  the National SBE will select the Robert W. Flanders SBE Engineer of the Year.  (Even though the nomination form has a deadline of May 15, we will accept nominations through June 15.)

Best Chapter or Regional Educational Event:  Recognizes the effort of the local chapter that sponsored, organized and held a regional technical conference and/or convention.

Best Chapter Communication:  Recognizes two local chapters that produce the best locally published newsletter, website and/or social media site in its Class.

The nomination forms are located at: