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KTVN, Lotus Broadcasting and Las Vegas 51s Team Up to Support Honor Flight of Southern Nevada

Posted On: May 21, 2018

This Friday, May 25, 2018, Channel 13, Lotus Broadcasting, and the Las Vegas 51s are teaming up to support Honor Flight of Southern Nevada. Chopper 13 will deliver the Veteran who will throw the first pitch. There will also be fireworks. Game starts at 7:05pm at Cashman Field.

Click HERE for ticket information

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Don Logan To Be Honored at the NVBA 23rd Annual Hall of Fame Gala

Posted On: May 14, 2018


Nevada Broadcasters Association – News Release
May 14, 2018


(Las Vegas, Nevada) The Nevada Broadcasters Association (NVBA) announced today that Las Vegas 51s President and COO Don Logan will receive the Community Achievement Award during the Association’s Annual Hall of Fame Gala on Saturday, August 18, at 7pm at The Four Seasons Las Vegas.  

Don Logan began his career with the franchise as an account executive in 1984. A native of Tonopah, Nevada,  ... Read More

FCC Opens Rulemaking Proceedings on the Processing of Interference Complaints for FM Translators and Eliminating the Posting of Licenses at Broadcast Control Points

Posted On: May 10, 2018

At yesterday’s FCC open meeting, the Commission commenced two proceedings of interest to broadcasters. The first deals with the processing of complaints of interference caused by new FM translators. The second proposes to eliminate the need for the posting of station licenses and other FCC authorizations at the control points of broadcast stations. Comments dates in each proceeding will be computed from the publication of these orders in the Federal Register, which will occur at some point in the future.

In each case, the FCC essentially adopted without significant revision the draft notices that were released several weeks ago.  ... Read More

Rossi Ralenkotter to be Honored at the NVBA 23rd Hall of Fame Gala

Posted On: May 8, 2018


Nevada Broadcasters Association – News Release

May 8, 2018


 (Las Vegas, Nevada) Nevada Broadcasters Association President Mitch Fox announced today that Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Rossi Ralenkotter will be honored during the Association’s Annual Hall of Fame Gala on Saturday, August 18, at 7pm at The Four Seasons Las Vegas for his distinguished and unprecedented 45 year career with the LVCVA.  

 Under Ralenkotter’s leadership, the LVCVA launched the most successful branding campaign in tourism history,  ... Read More

License Renewal Cycle Starts in a Year – Crackdown on Silent Stations and Online Public File Signal Warnings to Broadcasters

Posted On: May 7, 2018

Starting June 1, 2019, just over a year from now, the next broadcast license renewal cycle will begin. By that date, radio stations in DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia must file their renewal applications. Every other month for the next 3 years will bring the filing of radio license renewals in another set of states. And television stations will begin their renewal cycle a year later (June 1, 2020). The FCC’s schedule for radio license renewals can be found here and here. For TV stations, the schedule of renewal filings by state is in the same – just one year later than for radio.  ... Read More

FCC Approves 100% Mexican Ownership of Radio Stations in California and Arizona – Further Showing Foreign Ownership Limitations Less Significant in Today’s Broadcast World

Posted On: May 1, 2018

The FCC yesterday issued a Declaratory Ruling approving the acquisition by a company owned by two Mexican citizens of 100% of the ownership interest of a company that owns two radio stations in California and Arizona. Currently, the company owned by the Mexican citizens had only a 25% interest in the parent company of the licensee which, until a few years ago, would have been the limit imposed on foreign ownership of a US broadcast station. But, several years ago, as we wrote here, the FCC decided to permit, on a case by case basis,  ... Read More

Hank Thornley, Broadcast Pioneer, to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at NVBA 23rd Hall of Fame Gala

Posted On: April 30, 2018


Nevada Broadcasters Association – News Release

April 30, 2018

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(Las Vegas, Nevada) The Nevada Broadcasters Association will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to broadcast veteran Hank Thornley during the Association’s Annual Hall of Fame Gala on Saturday, August 18, at 7pm at The Four Seasons Las Vegas.  

Thornley turns 101 this year and is credited for creating the first television news operation in Las Vegas as news director and anchorman at KLAS-TV Channel 8.   ... Read More

May Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – FCC Meeting, FM Translator and LPTV Filing Windows, Political Windows and More Consideration of Music Reforms

Posted On: April 29, 2018

May is one of those months where there are neither deadlines for EEO Public File Reports nor for any of the quarterly filings of issues/programs lists and children’s television reports. But the lack of these routine filing deadlines does not mean that there are no dates of interest in the coming month to broadcasters and other media companies. As seemingly is the case every month, there are never times when Washington is ignoring legal issues potentially affecting the industry.

May 10 brings an FCC meeting where two items of interest to broadcasters will be considered. One is a proposal to abolish the requirement for posting licenses and other operating authorizations at a broadcaster’s control point and to eliminate the requirement that FM translators post information about the station’s licensee and a contact phone number at their transmitter sites (see our post here for more details).  ... Read More

FCC Grants 39 Radio Stations 60 Days to Complete Online Public File Conversion – Reminder to All Other Broadcasters that their Conversion Should be Complete

Posted On: April 24, 2018

The FCC yesterday issued an order granting 39 radio stations (almost all stations with very small staffs or those affected by recent hurricanes or otherwise non-operational) 60 days to comply with the requirement that all full-power radio stations complete the transition to the online public file by this past March 1. We wrote about this obligation for the March 1 transition to the online public file here and here. This decision highlights the requirement for stations to have complied with the requirement to transition to the online file by March 1.

We are still hearing reports that there are stations not on this waiver list that have not activated the public file.  ... Read More

Another Modernization of Media Proposal – Eliminate the Need for Posting Station Licenses at Broadcast Station Control Point

Posted On: April 24, 2018

We wrote last week about one broadcast issue to be considered at the FCC’s May 10 meeting, amending the procedures for resolving complaints about interference by new FM translators to other existing FM stations. At that same meeting, the FCC is planning to adopt another item in its Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative – a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (see a draft of that item here) to eliminate the FCC rules that require broadcast stations to post physical copies of their license (and other instruments of authorization such as STAs or renewals), or to keep physical copies of these documents in a binder,  ... Read More

Thank you for visiting the Nevada Broadcasters Association website

It is truly an honor for me to serve as the new President and CEO of the Nevada Broadcasters Association. I want to thank the NVBA Board of Directors for their vote of confidence in me.

I would also like to recognize Mary Beth Sewald, my predecessor and current President and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, for her friendship and support. Mary Beth and the dedicated NVBA staff have developed one of the most respected broadcast organizations in the country and I hope to build upon that success with your input and engagement.

Additionally, I hope to use my experience in broadcasting, government, education, business and communications to take the Association to new levels of influence and prominence. Broadcasters need a unified voice, as we tell our message in the halls of Congress, at our state capitol and in our communities. The Nevada Broadcasters Association will continue to be that voice and a passionate advocate for our industry.

Mitch Fox
President and CEO
Nevada Broadcasters Association

2018 New Year Update

Dear Members & Friends,

     Welcome to 2018 and to our website! A new year brings new leadership to the Nevada Broadcasters Association (NVBA). Veteran Broadcaster Mitch Fox has come on board to serve as our new President and Chief Executive Officer.  Mitch has served in the broadcast industry for more than 30 years.  He spent much of his career in Las Vegas working in Public Broadcasting and most recently was Nevada State Director for the Porter Group, a Washington D.C.-based lobbying firm. 

   Under Fox’s leadership, the NVBA Board and Staff will continue its mission to promote and advocate for governmental policies that benefit our member stations and to maintain a leadership role in our state, ensuring a vibrant and successful future for local television and radio.

     The NVBA relies on the grassroots leadership and strength of our member stations and we thank you all for your continued support and for allowing us to serve your stations and the industry at large as we move through the remainder of 2018.

Best Wishes,

Viola Cody, Chair

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