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Posted On: August 19, 2017

FCC Releases Tutorial on FM Translator Auction Window for AM Stations – Clarifies that AM Buyers Can File Applications

Posted On: July 13, 2017

The FCC yesterday released an online tutorial for the upcoming windows for filing for FM translators for AM stations. The first window will run from July 26 until 6 pm ET on August 2, where Class C and D AM stations that did not receive a translator in last year’s 250-mile waiver windows can file for a new FM translator to rebroadcast their AM station. We wrote about that window here. The tutorial references various FCC filing guides to assist applicants in filing their applications. The Public Notice announcing the Tutorial also makes clear that,  ... Read More

FCC Repack Affects Many in Nevada

Posted On: July 13, 2017

Your TV Station Channels May be Moving.
Here’s What You Should Know.
Courtesy of the National Association of Broadcasters

What is happening?
Because of government action , many local stations in your state and district may be moving channels beginning next year and continuing through 2020. This impacts your constituents who watch their local channels over the air with an antenna. These viewers will need to rescan their TV sets at the appropriate times to continue watching TV for free. Some TV stations may go off the air entirely as early as this fall,  ... Read More

National EAS Test

Posted On: July 7, 2017

FCC is going to conduct another National EAS Test. However, stations will have to register again for the EAS Test Reporting System, or ETRS, just like we did last time. The announcement is posted at the link below here: pshsb-provides-instructions- 2017-etrs-registration-using- cores

The deadline for creating your registration hasn’t been announced yet. And Form One won’t be available until later this month. But here is what the FCC wants you to do now to begin the registration process.  ... Read More

FCC’s Elimination of the Requirement that Letters From the Public be Kept in a Broadcaster’s Public Inspection File Effective Today

Posted On: June 28, 2017

Today, the order eliminating the requirement that broadcasters maintain in a paper public inspection file copies of letters and emails to their stations about station operations becomes effective. While the FCC abolished the requirement back in January, one of the first deregulatory actions of the new Chairman (see our article on that decision here), the decision did not become effective until the publication of that decision in the Federal Register, which occurred today (here). The delay was caused by the review of the decision by the Office of Management and Budget to ensure that it was consistent with the Paperwork Reduction Act – seemingly a self-evident proposition,  ... Read More

July Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – Quarterly Issues Programs and Children’s Television Reports, Comment Dates on Main Studio Rule Elimination and Modernization of Media Regulation, Incentive Auction CP Filing Deadline, Effective Date for Captioning Clips of Live and Near-Live Programming, and Window for FM Translators for AM Stations

Posted On: June 28, 2017

July is a big month on the Washington regulatory scene for broadcasters. There are, of course, the routine quarterly regulatory obligations. For all stations, commercial and noncommercial, Quarterly Issues Programs Lists, summarizing the most important issues facing a broadcaster’s community, and the programs that were broadcast in the prior quarter to address those issues, must be in a station’s public file (the online public file for all TV stations and for radio stations that have already converted to the online file) by July 10. These are the only required records documenting a station’s service to its community, so do not forget to complete these reports and to timely place them in your public file.  ... Read More

First Annual Northern Golf Tourney a Big Success

Posted On: June 21, 2017

The First annual golf tournament held on June 14th at the beautiful Grizzly Ranch Golf Club, 45 minutes north of Reno, was a big success.  With the generous support from both the broadcast community and local businesses, the tournament raised over $25,000 for broadcast scholarships.

Thank you to everyone who came out and golfed, all those who help to organize and sponsor the event, especially our title sponsor, Dolan Auto Group, and to Grizzly Ranch for hosting us! Please see pictures in the gallery below.

   ... Read More

Main Studio Rule Change

Posted On: June 8, 2017

This rule change will affect many of our broadcasters. The FCC wants to know what they think about the proposal.

Released:  06/05/2017.  MEDIA BUREAU ANNOUNCES COMMENT AND REPLY COMMENT DEADLINES FOR MAIN STUDIO RULE NPRM. (DA No.  17-547). Comments Due:  07/03/2017. Reply Comments Due:  07/17/2017.  MB . Contact:  Diana Sokolow at (202) 418-2120, email:  ... Read More

FCC Releases Instructions for Window for AM Stations to File for FM Translators and Announces Translator Filing Freeze – Pay Attention to the Details!

Posted On: June 6, 2017

Late yesterday, the FCC released the Public Notice setting out the instructions for the upcoming window for Class C and D AM stations to file for new FM translators. The window will be open for the submission of applications from July 26 to August 2 – and mutually exclusive applications filed during that window will be resolved by an auction if they cannot be resolved by settlements or engineering solutions. This is a very complicated Public Notice, as the FCC is treating these applications as those filed in preparation for an auction. Applicants need to read this notice very carefully to avoid traps – traps which include having conversations with mutually exclusive applicants outside a yet-to-be-announced settlement window when engineering solutions to resolve conflicts between applications filed in the window will be allowed.  ... Read More

Florida TV Station Fined for Misuse of EAS Tones

Posted On: June 6, 2017

It Starts at the Top…

The day after Memorial Day will be memorable for one Florida TV station but not for the right reasons. May 30 2017 is when WTLV TV and the FCC agreed to a Consent Decree ending an investigation into the station’s violations of EAS rules. The FCC cited WTLV TV for airing commercials last August which included EAS tones with an audio message assuring the audience that “this is not a test”. The ad went on to promote the local National Football League Team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While you can debate whether the $55,000 penalty included in the agreement is countered by the publicity generated for the team and the station,  ... Read More

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